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This beautiful top is made out of ecological cotton from Katyi Ya’a, a collective made-up of 18 women who spin and weave locally grown, native, ecological and naturally colored cotton from the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.


Color: / Natural organic cotton

Technique: Hand spinning, weaving & embroidered. 

Details: All the details and embroidery are 100% handmade 


About 300 women from villages and ranches de-seed the cotton brought from the coast, card it and spin it all by hand in their homes. There are 42 women embroidering and joining final clothes by hand. No machine is needed!


Fabric: Ecological cotton

Natural Dye:White and Coyuchi

Size: Small-Medium 

Lenght: 60 cm /23.5''

Side to side: 48 cms / 19''


Want to know more details about how we work with this community and the process behind? take a look at our blog post

S-M/ Blouse "Auras" / Hand Embroidery

165,00 € Standardpreis
139,00 €Sale-Preis
  • *Each item is hand-crafted using traditional techniques, maintaining their local artisanal skills. Please understand that our clothes have minor differences in shape, color and texture sometimes.***

    **Our mission is based on dialogue, transparency and respect with artisans, so that way we create a Fair Trade partnership.​ We are concern for the well-being of small producers and we do not maximize profit at their expense. Our team travel each year to the south of Mexico looking for disadvantaged local artisans.**

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